The Association of British Columbia Marine Industries (ABCMI) is an entity created in 2006 to promote and represent the interests of the marine-industrial sector (and its respective supply chain) in British Columbia, Canada. The Association works continuously to strengthen different aspects of the marine-industrial industry: labor, technology, logistics, safety, etc.

Objectives of the ABCMI

Among the main objectives of the ABCMI are the following:

  • Development of the workforce through the advocacy of relationships and strategies that improve and promote the development of stable and satisfactory professional careers within the marine-industrial sector of British Columbia enables growth and the fulfillment of the industry’s objectives.
  • Sector Strategies, implemented through dialogue with the British Columbia Government, which can help refine and implement sector strategies that enhance the reach and capabilities of British Columbia’s marine industrial sector.
  • Development of the supply chain, through the expansion of the marine supply chain, focusing on areas where British Columbia’s marine-industrial sector can be more competitive locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Services for members, through the development of personalized favors and benefits for members, supervising, supporting, and certifying the work performed by them.

New Technologies in the Sector

The ABCMI is constantly searching for new procedures and promoting the development of various technologies for the sector. By working independently or with other parties, the ABCMI develops multiple research projects and commercial practices, besides encouraging the optimization of new and existing procedures in the marine-industrial sector, helping its members to adopt said technologies and improve their processes to raise their levels of productivity and competitiveness.

Main Achievements

Among the main achievements of the ABCMI are the following:

  • Creation of the trades “Marine Fitter” and “Marine Electrician.”
  • Overseeing of a British Columbia workforce table on shipbuilding and repair.
  • Production of detailed reports on the labor market, economic impact, and opportunities in the sector.
  • Development of a comprehensive human resources strategy for the industry.
  • Creation of the Training and Applied Research Center of the Industrial Navy (IMTARC).
  • Development of study plans required by the marine-industrial sector.

Aggressive Tube Accreditation

Aggressive Tube Bending cares about having the highest quality standards in its services and final products; that’s why we have the accreditation of the Association of British Columbia Marine Industries (ABCMI), which allows us to comply with the standards of British Columbia’s marine-industrial industry.

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