Structural steel is the term used to refer to a group of steels explicitly designed for the construction of structures, buildings, and components of industrial machines. Structural steel has a set of particular characteristics such as high resistance, excellent rigidity, elasticity, tension, and compatibility with the most reliable welding processes.

Structural Steel Fabrication

Structural steel fabrication relies on multiple sub-processes requiring skilled personnel and careful planning to deliver results that meet project specifications and high industry quality standards. Some of the most common sub-processes of structural steel fabrication are bending, cutting, rolling, punching, drilling, welding and machining.

Custom Structural Steel

Many projects combine specific shapes or sizes of fabricated steel with exact engineering parameters, which often results in the need for a piece that is entirely unique to the project, or at least isn’t widely available from a manufacturer’s ready-made inventory. In such situations, “custom structural steel” allows the creation of personalized solutions, which ensures that the project receives an accurate fabrication of the exact piece, however unique it may be.

An example of this is the blend of alloy used when making custom structural steel. All steel is a combination of at least iron and carbon, although the proportion between these elements can vary and sometimes other elements are also added; the specific amounts of each component can affect the resistance or ductility of the final project, for example, so it is crucial that the fabricator’s exact alloy blend matches the engineer’s parameters to safely support the architect’s designs.

Aggressive Tube Bending and Custom Structural Steel

With the use of custom structural steel, operating costs and even material losses can be reduced since only the material necessary for the project will be purchased and present on the Jobsite; this way, the end customer will have an economical material that is guaranteed to suit the project perfectly.

Aggressive Tube Bending provides this type of service thanks to a professional team comprised of qualified and experienced custom structural steel manufacturers; we also have advanced manufacturing technologies that allow the effective execution of the different structural steel sub-processes. As a result, we can confidently guarantee safety and precision in all projects we take on.

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