Orbital welding is characterized by being an automatic TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding method, where cylindrical elements (or that are going to be fixed somewhere) are circularly welded by forming “weld beads,” which is reflected in the quality of the final product. Here are some of the reasons why orbital welding creates high-quality products.

Automated process

One of the main reasons why high quality is obtained in this type of work is because it is an automated or programmable process, which considerably reduces possible “manual” human errors, allowing that during the procedure keep the electrode “within” the inert gas flow protection ratio, which results in a constant, bright and non-opaque “weld bead,” which optimizes the working time and has greater effectiveness.

As we saw in our previous article, as orbital welding is a programmable procedure, it allows working regularly in the same procedure; this reduces production times and failures in the final product considerably, which causes a reduction in operating costs.

“Clean” method and minor defects

As it is a TIG welding method, the electrode used does not suffer wear during the process (as in other welding methods); it allows the production of a “cleaner” weld bead and high quality, which avoids the formation of oxides that can directly affect the final result, in addition to preventing the formation of waste during the process.

Greater security

Orbital welding offers a higher level of safety by eliminating defects such as porosity and cracking and creating clean, crack-free welds, significantly reducing hazards in the workplace and future environment where the structure or system developed will be used.

Greater flexibility when working

As we saw in our previous article, one of the main problems in welding processes is the molten material that falls by gravity due to the action of “flame heat” when welding; this element is vital when we talk about position limitations; however, this problem disappears when orbital welding is used, since this type of welding allows us to work in all positions, having greater flexibility in the work area.

Stronger bonds

Thanks to computerized instructions from the skilled operator, orbital weld joints are more substantial and uniform (compared to other methods), resulting in a more robust and durable end product. This protects the integrity of the piece, structure, or system created.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know of another reason why orbital welding offers high-quality results?

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    • Alice Carroll

      Thanks for explaining that orbital welding can also be used to have more intricate weld patterns. I think that’s a good enough reason to buy orbital welding products in the future. I can see how those will be great additions to my workshop someday.

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