The Detailer position is one of the most thorough and in-demand jobs within the metal manufacturing industry since this specialist is in charge of providing all the detailed technical information that must be met during the manufacturing and installation of an element, piece, or system. However, currently, due to a certain lack of knowledge on the subject, some myths have been generated about this job position. Next, we will learn about some of these myths.

Unnecessary or irrelevant job

Some people or companies think that the Detailer position is an unnecessary or irrelevant job since they believe that the capacity and ability of a Detailer (to generate details) do not affect the manufacturing process. However, the truth is that a specialist in the Detailer position can correctly interpret a piece’s design elements. For example, if some factors are interpreted incorrectly (radius of curvature or hole positions), manufacturing errors can be generated.

No need to keep up to date

One of the most common myths surrounding the Detailer job is that this position does not need to be updated. However, to work as a Detailer, it is essential to stay updated on new techniques, technology, procedures, and industry standards that allow them to perform their function correctly and efficiently.

Only need to know the CAD software applied

Some people and companies think that to carry out the Detailer function, you only need to know the CAD software applied to the designs. However, the truth is that a Detailer must not only have design, editing, and drawing skills but must also be trained to know all the materials used in the sector and the different rules and regulations of the metallurgical industry.

A position just to design

Some people believe that the Detailer should only focus on creating designs and drawings. However, the Detailer is a professional who must be able to capture and provide technical information through the plans in detail, incorporating the manufacturing and installation standards that must be met in each project.

Seven myths about the Detailer position

No need to know about manufacturing processes

Many people and companies think that the specialist in the Detailer position does not need to know about manufacturing processes. However, a Detailer must know about all types of materials used in metal manufacturing and the techniques, equipment, and processes used in said process.

Has little communication with other departments

Many people believe that the professional in the Detailer position works in an almost isolated manner, having little communication with the staff of other departments. However, the truth is that the specialist who occupies this position must maintain constant communication with the installers, manufacturers, and other professionals who occupy a position in the different metal manufacturing processes, especially so that the project is carried out efficiently.

An easy job that anyone can do

Some people and companies think that the Detailer role is easy and anyone can do it. However, this job requires certified and constant professional training, in addition to the fact that metal manufacturing is an activity that depends on “small details” so that the final product can meet the objective for which it was created since any “Overlooked” detail can negatively impact the security and functionality of the project.

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