One of the most sought-after specialists or professionals in the metalworking industry is the Bender/Roller. Below, we will learn about the challenges and rewards of the professional who occupies this position at Aggressive Tube Bending.


A specialist who occupies the position of Bender/Roller in Aggressive Tube Bending, must face a series of challenges, among the most outstanding are the following:

Ensuring the proper operation of the machines

This is perhaps one of the strictest tasks that a Bender/Roller must fulfill, since this person is in charge of the inspection, adjustment, proper operation and maintenance of the machines used in the bending and rolling processes. In addition, depending on the project specifications, the specialist must have the ability and criteria to configure and adjust machine parameters to suit each specific project.

Ensure compliance with standards

The professional who occupies the position of Bender/Roller must be trained and certified to guarantee the precision and quality level of the elements that are subjected to the bending process. Thanks to his training and technical skills, the specialist will be able to design and interpret the drawings of the elements that will be subjected to the bending process, which will allow him to apply the necessary criteria that will allow him to adhere to the design specifications and ensure compliance with the required quality standards.

Ability and mastery of different techniques

In order to perform the position of Bender/Roller, the specialist must have the capacity and ability to perform metal bending techniques, among which mandrel bending and rotary draw bending stand out. In addition, the specialist must not only master the different bending techniques, but must also have the ability to apply the necessary criteria that allow him/her to choose the most appropriate technique or method, according to the mechanical characteristics of the material or element to be bent.

Challenges and Rewards: What it means to work as a Bender/Roller in Aggressive Tube Bending


A specialist who occupies the position of Bender/Roller within Aggressive Tube Bending, not only has to fulfill a series of tasks within the company, but will also be able to benefit from the following rewards:

Good collaborative environment

While the Bender/Roller position must be trained to take care of the operation of the machines, he/she must also be willing to perform teamwork when this is necessary, since in metal fabrication all jobs require close collaboration between the different members of the work team.

By being part of the Aggressive Tube Bending team, the specialist has the opportunity to work within a company that constantly promotes open communication, teamwork, and collaboration within the work environment.

Updated level of preparation and certification

The Bender/Roller specialist has knowledge of the characteristics and properties of the metals that will be subjected to the bending and rolling processes. This professional must also have certificates that endorse his knowledge of safety regulations, quality standards, machinery handling, and maintenance of equipment used in this type of process.

By being part of the Aggressive Tube Bending team, the specialist has the possibility of working in a company that constantly trains its personnel and cares about their professional development.

Quality and safety certificate

In order to perform his tasks effectively, the Bender/Roller specialist must keep up to date with the latest techniques and certifications. By being part of the Aggressive Tube Bending team, the specialist can access different accreditations and certifications that endorse his experience and level of technical specialization as a Bender/Roller, which is essential to perform his work while guaranteeing compliance with the high quality and safety standards of the sector.

Competitive benefits and compensation

As a Bender/Roller at Aggressive Tube Bending, the specialist has access to competitive benefits, compensation and wages within the metalworking labor market, as these are based on the guidelines established in the collective bargaining agreement with the Ironworkers Union of British Columbia (Canada).

It is important to note that not only the Bender/Roller specialist enjoys these benefits, but also his or her family, as they will have access to a comprehensive health plan, which includes prescription drug coverage, vision, dental, orthopedic, and paramedical coverage (even outside the country). Such coverage also includes life insurance, as well as short- and long-term disability, along with access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered by the company.

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