Beams are one of the most commonly used structural elements in many buildings. Nowadays, the use of structural steel beams is usual since they are subjected to the bending process; this allows them to be molded to a desired curvature to obtain a more aesthetic structure while offering the safety and stability required by each project.

However, choosing an ideal provider for beam bending service can be a challenging task because there are several options in the market, but not all companies have the capacity to offer a high-quality and safe service. Below, we will share some tips for choosing the ideal company for this specialized service in British Columbia.

Experience and references

It is important to request, evaluate, and verify the experience and references of the beam bending service company. This way, we can better understand the company’s level of responsibility and, above all, the quality of the service and final product. The supplier’s experience can help minimize possible losses of time and materials caused by an imperfect execution of the bending technique.

Technology used

It is essential to evaluate and know the type of technology the potential supplier has. Suppose our project demands a personalized service with beams with distinctive features (and specific curvatures that need to be created). In that case, this will only be achieved with the appropriate technology to carry out this process, for example, using automatic or special machines. Hence, verifying that the supplier possesses the necessary technology to carry out this process is required.

Beam Bending: Tips for Choosing the Right Supplier in British Columbia

Accreditation and certification

The supplier must have the corresponding certifications and accreditations to back up its work and give the client peace of mind. Industry accreditations and certifications guarantee that it will perform the work according to specific quality and safety standards.

Bending Beams in British Columbia

The supplier must have a presence and experience if our project is in British Columbia; this will guarantee that they will offer us solutions according to the area’s different needs and challenges, such as permits, climate, transportation system, regulations, on-site visits, etc.

Aggressive Tube Bending

When you need beam bending services in British Columbia, you can count on Aggressive Tube Bending, a company with more than 30 years of experience and specialized in beam bending services, since it can perform this type of process on beams that require high capacity and power to achieve the desired bending in structural sections up to 12 x 12 x 3.75 HSS. It is important to note that Aggressive Tube Bending has a 100-ton beam bender that provides the necessary force to re-bend even the most resilient beams to the desired degree of curvature.

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